SBU on Shark Tank

The anticipation is over… we can finally tell you that we were on ABC’s Shark Tank for Season 4 Episode 7.  Go have a look for yourself:

Daniel and David (Chief nerds at Focus Designs) traveled to the Shark Tank open auditions a while back and had a great deal of fun meeting other entrepreneurs and meeting various members of “Shark Tank”. The SBU was met with overwhelmingly positive response from everybody we met!  Though we cannot tell you many details about what it was like ‘behind the scenes’ of the Shark Tank we can say that the experience led us to many new friends and unforgettable opportunities.

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2 Responses to SBU on Shark Tank

  1. Willmer Wonsang

    FYI. Your spot begins at 23 Min and 16 sec into the video.

    Great job guys. I have been a fan for a while. Isn’t your OEM partner SoloWheele?

  2. Willmer Wonsang

    It was an unexspected joy to watch yawl on Shark Tank. I am planning on getting my SBU v3 as a Chrismas present for myself. Keep us upto date on how the new investor has impacted your company.

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