Valentines Day with a new policy you will love

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day that lovers and romancers enjoy and commitment-phobes dread!

For today (and every day after), we wanted to take the fear out of a commitment with an SBU, so we have a new return policy that starts today! Now customers can easily purchase the SBU …even if they have commitment issues. We are so confident that you will fall in love with the SBU that if you don’t (fall in love) you can return it within 30 days.


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4 Responses to Valentines Day with a new policy you will love

  1. Robert

    Personally, after over 2 years of owning one, I have never had buyers’ remorse and I still regularly ride it from home to school, enjoying all the onlookers and the “whoa!”s I get

  2. Simon

    Sweet! Although I’m sure you won’t have any returns !

  3. EZ Burris

    What is the delivery time if ordered today…?

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