What does SBU stand for?
Self Balancing Unicycle of course. We pronounce it S..B..U, not “suboo”, that’s just weird. We also use it as a verb, as in, “hey nerds, let’s mount up and SBU down to the electronics store!”

Does the SBU balance in every direction?
No. The SBU only balances forwards and backwards. Left and right balance is done by user balance or by the training wheels.

Is it easy to ride?
It is much easier to learn compared to a conventional unicycle. Users need only five minutes to two hours of practice before they can have a decent ride. The average is only about 20 minutes of practice. The SBU is a rider-assist machine, a combination of the rider’s balance and SBU control.

How fast does it go?
An SBU falling vertically through the air will accelerate at an amazing rate of 32 feet per second per second until it reaches its terminal velocity of 193MPH. (We do not recommend traveling this fast) On level ground and full charge, however, it will go 12.5MPH depending on rider’s guts (mentally and physically).

How far can I go on a single charge?
Distance depends on many factors. Rider weight is the largest factor. In general a 130lb rider will go 10+ miles per charge while a 230lb rider will go 6-7 miles per charge.

Can I drive the SBU in the rain, sleet, or snow?
Yes. We do, however, advise that you steer clear of these conditions both for safety reasons and for protection of the SBU. If you do ride in rain be sure to wipe down the SBU after you make it home safely.

Can I lean too far forward or backward and fall?
The SBU knows its capabilities and pushes the rider back if he/she leans too far. But it’s still the rider’s responsibility to stay within the control margin of the SBU. It will push back(slow down) when the rider is getting close to exceeding the SBU’s capabilities. It’s a unique blend of machine and human balance, kind of like the Borg from Star Trek.

How do you charge the batteries?
It comes with an AC charging adapter. A fully depleted battery pack will take just over 1 hour to charge; the charger’s LED will turn green when fully charged. The LiFePO4 battery pack is rated for 1000 charge/discharge cycles.

Where is the SBU designed?
Right here in Camas, WA – which is in the United States of America.