SBU V3 versus SBU V2 (Performance)

Not only is the SBU V3 capable of attracting larger herds of women, it also has a dramatic increase in performance.  This performance increase is due to two main reasons, a smaller wheel (18″) and an increased battery voltage (58V).  The smaller wheel provides more torque and hill-climbing (30% grade) while the increased battery voltage gives users a higher ceiling for maximum speed, now 15mph.  Combine these two together and riding the V3 feels like a muscle car.

We took both the V2 and V3 out for a side by side comparison on a small incline and did some official shopping cart push tests in the QFC parking lot… I’m sure they were happy.

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3 Responses to SBU V3 versus SBU V2 (Performance)

  1. V newport

    Maybe as a woman and unicyclist for 25 years, i shouldnt purchase the SBU for in fear of having herds of women around me. Do I assume you only sell this to men?

    • dmart

      Haha the fear of women flocking to your sides should always be a concern for any rider (male or female) but do not also discount the flocks of guys that will run to your side to see this contraption they’ve only heard of from gizmodo, engadget, and all of their favorite tech blogs. These guys will probably come dressed in a variation of plaid and may or may not have a pocket protector on their person. Most of these men can be avoided if you carry with you Star Trek: The Next Generation DVD’s and first edition spiderman comics and slowly toss them to your side for them to unavoidably pick up. This has been found to be the only combination of things that will at least slow down the nerds from drooling. If you really get into a pinch you can shout very nerdy facts that make them think. Shout out something like: “Did you know that R2-D2 made cameo appearances in both the 2009 Star Trek Movie as well as The Transformers” This will really cause them to stop and think a moment, make your escape then. Remember, the above tips are extremely alluring to even the most advanced of nerds but more often than not the SBU is just too dang awesome to stop them. You are going to have to impress them with your mad skillz and show off the coolest product they have ever seen. Remind them that the SBU is way cooler than their Light Sabers that they paid probably about the same price you did for your SBU. Answer your original question, I will (In Yoda voice). No, we dont “only” sell this to men although they do make up about 95% of our customer base at this time. Please help us change that statistic! Yours N3rdly, David.

  2. fred_dot_u

    As an owner of both v1 and v2, I’m chomping for v3, but there’s a show-stopper here. 30 minutes duration for v3? I’ve got an hour’s riding time for my v2, so that’s 12 mile range, more likely 10-11, while the hot-shot v3 can only go 7.5 miles or fewer. I almost bought another one! Now make the battery swappable and I’ll consider it. V1 was an easy battery change, v2 not so much. It looks like v3 won’t go easy on a battery swap either.

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