Hello 2012!

Hello fellow n3rds,

Wow, our last post was made in the summer months – it has definitely been a while since we’ve kept the world updated on whats going on over here.  We had increasingly more traction all over the world selling SBU’s.  We’ve had a lot of awesome moments this last year but nothing tops meeting and connecting with our customers.  We plan on more tours and more cool stuff for our customers in 2012.  We’ll be a little more specific in following posts.

Until then… stay nerdy!

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4 Responses to Hello 2012!

  1. Heinz

    Cool stuff the V3. What’s the reason to change to 18″ and 53V? Is it still a magic pie?

    Greez from spring sunny Switzerland

    Nerdy Heinz

  2. Ernst Gerber

    Hi Heinz

    Great ideas for the SBU…I am also from Switzerland (near Berne), where do you live Heinz?

    • Heinz Steffen

      Hi Ernst

      I live in Baden, near Zurich. I use my SBU 2.0 everywhere. Now with a backpack-range extender of 20ah (also 25ah in total) and a cruising range of about 80 km’s :-). Only my bottom is not made for that. Maybe we could meet sometime for cruising the SBU? Just write to sondy@gmx.ch. By the way: I’m a nativ swiss german speaking dude.

  3. Heinz Steffen

    Hmmm… now I’m curous what will come.
    – Performance kit for the SBU?
    – Upgrade Software to SBU 3.3?
    – SBU with multitasking?
    – Answer to my mail about the range extender?
    – faster replys :-.) ?
    – 36 Inch SBU?
    – handlebar?
    – 10 ah battery?
    – park heating?
    – control by iPhone?
    – ultra thin AMOLED board computer?
    – rear spoiler?
    – automatic lane assistent?
    – built in anti matter power unit?
    – warp drive?
    – snow chain (in Switzerland it’s winter now)?
    – continous 360° gearbox?
    – wollow deck?
    so, that’s all for now 🙂


    Congratulations, you are either a really big nerd or you like puzzles. Stay tuned for a pretty cool announcement explaining what we’ve been up to for the last 6 months.

    1337 4 11#3

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