Self Balancing Unicycle in San Francisco

This past week, Focus Designs had the pleasure of traveling to San Francisco to connect with customers, develop our retailer network, and ride the SBU in an urban environment. Needless to say, we accomplished every one of those goals.20140826_211729000_ios

Our customers connected with us at places such as the Golden Gate Park, Pier 39, and in and around the city. The SBU caught the eyes of many passer byes and we offered test rides well into dusk. When offering test rides, we asked riders to fill out a contact sheet and add their email address. As expected, many test riders faked their email address; however, one guy asked if he could give us his real email address after enjoying the SBU for a solid 25 minutes.

On Tuesday we walked around pier 39, where we saw the street magician Bob Besmehn perform. We loved his balancing acts, one of which included balancing on a 3 wheeled unicycle. We figured this was the perfect opportunity to introduce ourselves, so we connected with Bob after his performance.

20140827_022021000_iosWe attended the San Francisco New Tech Meetup, where attendees flocked to our product and asked to hear more. Not only were they fascinated by our unique product, but we ourselves were blown away by the caliber of products and services, such as HashtagSell and Waze, that are being developed.

Thursday was by far one of our biggest days as we visited the San Francisco Motorcycle Club, the second oldest motorcycle club in the US. The club members were extremely welcoming and funny, making us feel right at home despite riding a product that has only one wheel.20140829_033528000_ios

Monday was a short, but important day. We met with Gabe Slate, a tech reporter from KRON TV (a local SF news channel). Our SBU was a feature on Monday’s broadcast and can be seen on youtube (we’ve linked it at the bottom for your convenience). We spent maybe an hour on the Embarcadero with Gabe and fans, showcasing the SBU and teaching new riders.

Our trip was very successful and we can’t wait to add new retailers to our dealer page in the next coming days!



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