Segway Polo and the Self Balancing Unicycle

California trip #2 was awesome. This time we primarily stayed in Folsom as we were attending the International Segway Polo Cup, AKA: “The Woz Cup“.  We did get to meet Woz (Co-founder of Apple, Inc.)

David Martschinske and Steve Wozniak

I was really excited to meet Woz and yes, his player number is 3.14  If you line up the whole team (STeam) in a row they all spell out pi to the 16th number.  That gives you an idea of the kind of people I was running in to on a reglar basis at the Woz Cup 2011.  Speaking of meeting interesting people, a lot of you may know Smosh. Ian does a lot of YouTube video parodies and made a pretty interesting video of what he thought of the Segway Polo Cup 2011.

And before we start the SBU Polo league, I thought I’d give it a trial run.  I may have looked like a dingus out there but at least I had an awesome time playing polo with the Segs4Vets crew while on the SBU!

Self Balancing Unicycle Polo

If you’d like to see more images of our trip go here

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