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This past week, Focus Designs had the pleasure of traveling to San Francisco to connect with customers, develop our retailer network, and ride the SBU in an urban environment. Needless to say, we accomplished every one of those goals. Our … Read More >

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Full Frontal Nerdity Contest

FULL FRONTAL NERDITY Contest!!! Reward: Get a n3rdy shirt for you and a friend! <question> What is the N3RDIEST thing you and a friend could do while riding an SBU? </question> <rules> 1. Share this photo + your response. 2. … Read More >

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Focus Designs in the Classroom

Although in 4th grade I had no idea what the word “entrepreneur” meant I’ve always known that I was one. I can look back on many different instances where my parents or other people in my life taught me many … Read More >

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Not only is the SBU V3 capable of attracting larger herds of women, it also has a dramatic increase in performance.  This performance increase is due to two main reasons, a smaller wheel (18″) and an increased battery voltage (58V). … Read More >

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Hello 2012!

Hello fellow n3rds, Wow, our last post was made in the summer months – it has definitely been a while since we’ve kept the world updated on whats going on over here.  We had increasingly more traction all over the … Read More >

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California trip #2 was awesome. This time we primarily stayed in Folsom as we were attending the International Segway Polo Cup, AKA: “The Woz Cup“.  We did get to meet Woz (Co-founder of Apple, Inc.) I was really excited to … Read More >

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Many of you SBU enthusiasts know who Trevor Blackwell is but you might not be aware of his most-recent endeavor, the Anybot (a personal robotic avatar).  As we traveled through California on our Left Coast Tour we had a chance … Read More >

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The N3rd H3rd ventures back north as we made a quick stop by Beverly Hills on Oscar night… Yikes. We met up with our friends at the Beverly Hills Bike shop (who will be stocking SBU’s shortly) as well as … Read More >

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Today’s checklist: Let people try the SBU: Check Cruise down Laguna Beach: Check Have a friend take you out for $40 steaks: Check Experience guest service inside the men’s room: Check Yeah, today was rockin’ and I think we’re in love with … Read More >

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We met with some cool people on Wednesday at Stanford. One of the guys we met suggested that we have promotional pillow fights on the SBU. We are taking applications for the best pillow-fighter at info@focusdesigns.com. Send in your pillowfighting … Read More >

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