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Focus Designs in the Classroom

Although in 4th grade I had no idea what the word “entrepreneur” meant I’ve always known that I was one. I can look back on many different instances where my parents or other people in my life taught me many … Read More >

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SBU on Shark Tank

The anticipation is over… we can finally tell you that we were on ABC’s Shark Tank for Season 4 Episode 7.  Go have a look for yourself: Daniel and David (Chief nerds at Focus Designs) traveled to the Shark Tank … Read More >

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California trip #2 was awesome. This time we primarily stayed in Folsom as we were attending the International Segway Polo Cup, AKA: “The Woz Cup“.  We did get to meet Woz (Co-founder of Apple, Inc.) I was really excited to … Read More >

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Many of you SBU enthusiasts know who Trevor Blackwell is but you might not be aware of his most-recent endeavor, the Anybot (a personal robotic avatar).  As we traveled through California on our Left Coast Tour we had a chance … Read More >

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When we pulled up to the Capitol building in Sacramento a large crowd had already gathered for us and we thought it was really cool that they were expecting us there.  The crowd started cheering after the crowd leader would … Read More >


Announcing: SBU Version 2.0!

Friends, nerds, countrymen, lend me your ears. Here at Focus Designs, we are proud to announce the release of our much-anticipated and improved SBU V2.0.  Aside from a sleeker look, a safer ride, and more power – the new SBU … Read More >


SBU at Interbike

Last week was a big week for us…we drove down to Vegas for the interbike expo, I was featured in the Columbian newspaper, Honda released their U3-X “unicycle” design and it appears that the SBU will actually be in the … Read More >

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Okay, little girls that have been riding unicycles for years can learn it in a few minutes. David Martschinske and I were invited to bring some SBUs to the Unicycling Club at Pleasant Valley Middle School last Wednesday.  We brought … Read More >

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KGW NewsChannel 8 in Portland Oregon ran a story on us.  Check out the nerd herd here: http://www.kgw.com/archive/59549397.html Here comes the wave. 😉

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The Oregonian just ran an article about us. Read it here: Vancouver engineer invents self-balancing unicycle by Allan Brettman  Monday May 25, 2009, 6:05 PM Fredrick D. Joe/The Oregonian – Daniel Wood, co-founder of Focus Designs and inventor of the … Read More >

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