SBU V3 | Weekly Update

Dear Valued Customer,

First off, I want to simply introduce myself. My name is Alan. I work at Focus Designs as the Customer Relations Manager. It is my intentions to be the bridge between the gap of our Engineers, Sales Team, Marketing Team, and Product Designers. I am here to be your voice and extension to our team.

With that said, I would like to just give you a simple update regarding your recent SBU V3 purchase. As you may know, with our recent exposure with the ABC TV Show, “Shark Tank”, we have experienced a huge demand for what I believe to be one of the most innovative products released on the E-Bike market today. Precautions were taken to ensure inventory to meet our possible demands, but the demand was overshot completely. Given the fact that many of you have been generating much buzz about our product, we did not anticipate this much interest, especially from just one week of very high sales. Although, we highly believe in our product and its extreme value, again, we were delightfully surprised of the recent attention. It is our effort to be as upfront and honest as possible.

That being considered, I wanted to just shoot out a message giving you (an important member of the SBU V3 | N3RD H3RD) and update. We advertise originally a 3 week lead time. Meaning, 3 weeks from the date of purchase, to the date of shipment. We have made drastic measures to ramp up our current production to accommodate the huge need of inventory. At this moment, we are on track for completing your purchased SBU V3 soon, but anticipate possible delays. I personally ensure you direct contact with me, if you would like to discuss this further. The plan is still the same…design / produce a great product, ship to our valued customers as soon as possible, allow for infinite fun! I will be posting weekly updates giving you more details as I learn on our website, at for more updates. We sincerely appreciate your understand in this situation.

Again, please consider this an invitation as a further conversation. You can reach me via email of course at or via telephone at 360-3CYCLES. I encourage conversation, yet please do understand that we are working very hard to speed up our production, with our high value of quality in mind as well!

Alan Ecoff
Customer Relations Manager
Phone: 360-3CYCLES – Home of the Self Balancing Unicycle!

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