SBU V3 – Weekly Update

Hello friends and valued customers,

With intentions of making positive that we update as you all with as much as possible information, I have promised to post once a week (at least) of our current status.

With that said, we received news from our factory that several of the needed parts to complete your SBU V3 have arrived. Our assemblers are working around the clock to produce a high amount to fulfill our high demands, and remain very consistant on our high quality as well. At this moment, I wanted to be able to update you all with a schedule of shipment but am not able to promise that quite yet. It is my intention to be upfront and honest about all issues whether they are good or bad. In this case, I am simply updating you to uphold my promise for details, some or none at this time.

Thank you so much for your patience, and understanding. We really have a huge desire to not only design and develop an fantastic product, but also to have a personal connection with our valued customers.


Alan Ecoff
Customer Relations Manager
Phone: 360-3CYCLES – Home of the Self Balancing Unicycle!

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