Left Coast Tour Day 5 – Laguna Beach

Today’s checklist:

Let people try the SBU: Check

Cruise down Laguna BeachCheck

Have a friend take you out for $40 steaksCheck

Experience guest service inside the men’s room: Check

Yeah, today was rockin’ and I think we’re in love with the area here as well as the people.  We met so many cool people and ended the night at Javier’s Cantina & Grill where the food was impeccable and the service was even better. Along the way we ran into a bunch of party-goers, were chased down by people that saw us from their cars, and met a few protesters. Take a look at the video and see for yourself what we did today.

On the business-side of things, Daniel and I also sought out the counsel of a more seasoned entrepreneur and helped confirm our confidence in our current business strategy.

We are continuing to visit specialty bike shops in the area over here and look forward to meeting more awesome shops!

-DMart, Out!

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