Left Coast Tour Day 6 – Laguna Beach

The people of Laguna Beach are awesome.  I can’t say that enough.  We met some awesome “rolfers” Joshua and Heather who invited us out for sushi and sake. We later ran into Jan and Dan who invited us back to their really cool hotel for drinks.  Congratulations Jan and Dan for your 28 year anniversary!

Day 6 is in Laguna Beach again for a reason… I don’t think we want to leave!  But alas, we have a few more bike shops we really would like to hit up and then we begin our trek back to Portlandia.  So far everything has flown very smoothly and we have made a ton of really cool contacts down here.

Hope you like today’s vlog. Warning, it’s kinda long and we are dorks.

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7 Responses to Left Coast Tour Day 6 – Laguna Beach

  1. Rob

    OK, it isn’t cool, but if you make a SBU with training wheels then I’m in. As a woman with silver hair, living in a big city (with rough roads), I can see the SBU as a wonderful way to get around if it had a side balance and a collapsible basket. Please don’t forget older folks when designing. I love what you are doing!

  2. Ray

    Hey Guys! This looks like an amazing product! I’m sure I’ll end up with one very soon. As someone who has taught unicycle and tightrope for years, I would recommend trying to have everyone look up and straight ahead along their horizon line when they’re riding it. I noticed that in every video, everyone tends to look at the ground and this makes it so much harder for the brain to balance the body. The propreoceptive feedback from the horizon will make the learning curve much faster. I can’t wait to get one.. lol… or more!

  3. Thanks for giving us a chance to try out the SBU and for getting Sushi and Sake with us! Hope your tour was a success. Give a call next time your in Laguna.

    Josh and Heather

    • You bet Josh and Heather! We loved Laguna Beach and you guys made it even cooler for us… as well as Jan and Dan… and Mike… Really everyone there was pretty chill. We want to come back shortly. We’ll hit you up when we do. Next time we’ll bring our ladies.

  4. Jan

    Hey guys!

    It was so cool meeting you and getting to spend some time on your SBU! What an amazing product. Thanks for hanging out with us and your Ram shirt was the perfect attire!

    Nerds ROCK!!!


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