Left Coast Tour Day 4 – Oakland, CA

We met with some cool people on Wednesday at Stanford. One of the guys we met suggested that we have promotional pillow fights on the SBU. We are taking applications for the best pillow-fighter at info@focusdesigns.com. Send in your pillowfighting resume and we’ll consider you as a potential athlete.

On Thursday, we went to a really cool company in Emeryville, CA and hung out with a ton of their employees. They had a huge indoor atrium and we were able to ride in there and train a lot of their employees. We also met up with one of our past customers and made plans for dinner. Woot Woot. It was awesome to re-connect with him.

Later we visited Segway of Oakland and had a bomb time with the workers and owner there. They were pretty laid back and all of em got on the SBU and gave it a shot. They definitely liked it and will probably also become an SBU dealer shortly. Woot!

For those of you who keep asking, we are finally accepting applications for dealers. Shoot an email to sales@focusdesigns.com to see if you qualify.

-N3rd H3rd OUT!

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