Left Coast Tour Day 3 – Palo Alto

Today was a little more on the business end of activities and because of that we do not have a video for you today. We were fortunate enough to finally visit one of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program’s weekly seminars, it’s definitely something that has been on my bucket-list for a long time. Today happened to be Bill Gross, Founder of Idealab and Chairman of the Board of eSolar. We were absolutely thrilled to spend time with fellow entrepreneurs and talk shop after hearing him speak.

It was very encouraging to be able to speak with all these other like-minded people and feel that they were supporting us and almost cheering for our success as we continue to grow. If there’s one thing we noticed it’s that we are very appealing to investors because of the product we have in-hand and currently in production.

At any length, we are very excited to be visiting Pixar tomorrow to do a product demonstration and meet all the cool dudes there!

N3rd H3rd Unite!

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