01/16/13 | Production Update

Hello Valued Customer:

It has been some time since our latest production update. For some time we have had many unknowns, yet loads of confidence in our product and production overall. We have been shipping as many units that have arrived in our latest received shipment, to our early-adopters, and are continuing to do so as timely as possible.

As most of you previously know, since our debute on ABC’s TV Show, “Shark Tank”, we have experienced such an amazing exposure. With that exposure, came about double the amount of orders than expected. We’ve gained much more attention than planned for, but absolutely deserved.

With that said, We are excepting a shipment of 50 SBU’s coming via sea in a week or so, but are supposed to have some being shipped via air as well. A total of about 125. I have little doubt that we’ll be able to fill your order no later than 3 – 4 weeks from now.

NOTE: I would like to remind you that we advertise a 3-6 week lead time from the date of your purchase to the date of shipment. This has been exceeded for some, but of course with no intentions of this occurring.

I understand your position and possible frustration. I sincerely apologize for this terrible inconvenience. I want to assure you that we are working around the clock, literally — to produce one of the most innovative product on the E-Bike market. If I seem inattentive at times, I do sincerely apologize for that as well. We are a small company and [again] are working hard to complete your order. There is nothing more that we desire than to ship your SBU V3, and see you hitting the streets!

Alan Ecoff
Customer Relations Manager
phone: 360-3CYCLES
focusdesigns.com – Home of the Self Balancing Unicycle!

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