Left Coast Tour Day 1 – Eugene OR

We knew we were in Eugene when  the fixie to road bike ratio exceeded 13:1 and half of main street was quarantined off for bicycles only.  After sifting through rows of bicycles we parked right outside of American Apparel and started ridin’ nerdy.  We met up with our buddy, Alan who took off on one of the SBU V2 demo units and began chattin’ it up.

Tomorrow we will be in downtown Sacramento (by the capital building) around noon giving demos and spreadin’ nerdiness like it’s goin’ out of style!  If you want to meet up with us go ahead and contact us:

360.3CYCLES (360-329-2537)

We’ll also be stopping by some bicycle shops on an impromptu basis.

Feb 22nd – Sacramento, CA (We’ll be at the capital building around noon)
Feb 23rd, 24th – San Francisco, CA (Pixar, Google, Stanford)
Feb 25th – Santa Cruz, CA
Feb 26th – Los Angeles, CA
Feb 27th – Huntington Beach, CA

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2 Responses to Left Coast Tour Day 1 – Eugene OR

  1. Kendra

    Wow, this is a unique creation. You guys should learn to juggle and/or hoola hoop while riding an SBU! Could be a whole circus troop on those things…in parades and what not… 🙂

    I like that you noticed the abundance of fixed gear bicycles here, although I believe Portland may have a much higher ratio. Oh, hipsters! 😉

    Go Kerri! Way to go, picking up on how to ride it so fast. Must be all that practice with the unicycle in the shop. Elle will be jealous she didn’t get to try it out. 😛

    • Haha, you’re probably right, the ratio is a bit higher in Portlandia. We’ll be posting some trick riding techniques in some later videos. I’m not really good at juggling but hopefully we can find some clowns to clown around on the SBU.

      -Ride on, Kendra!

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