MythBuster Adam Savage + SBU Video

You’ve all been waiting for it, and it’s finally here. Here’s a video documenting the trip we took down to San Francisco to deliver MythBuster Adam Savage’s SBU.

Click here: to watch it in HD, rate the video and comment on it.

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11 Responses to MythBuster Adam Savage + SBU Video

  1. Donovan

    how good does it handle uphill/downhill?

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  4. Just an idea, seems like learning curve would be shorter/easier with an addition of handlebars that are u shaped – they would turn around backwards and fold down to go on either side of the wheel. This would probably not make it a true unicycle, but would give 1st time users the added control (?) and security. And as long as they could swivel 180 degrees and fold over the wheel it could maintain it’s compact design and light weight portability.

    Would there be any negatives to the idea?

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  8. David

    This is the best quality video I have seen, and an amazing product. How does it cope with gradients(i.e. San francisco)? Good Luck!

  9. wunami

    Super cool.

    That end sequence when you ride it to the trolley then ride it to your car is nice. Good for commuting. Helps with the “last mile problem” type stuff. Fits nicely in your car, so you can park conveniently, then make your way to your destination on it.

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