Unicycle Noobs

We spent the evening at the Unicycle Noobs event at the Portland waterfront Friday Night.  It’s an event put on by a Portland unicycle group call the Unicycle Bastards to teach noobies how to unicycle.  I showed up with 3 SBUs and let everyone pass them around, and did they ever!  Those Bastards (what? that’s their name) abused the SBUs like you wouldn’t believe, because I told them to. They were trying to see how fast they could go, riding in grass, off curbs, off people, into each other, etc.  They all said they had huge fun with the SBUs and that they were much better than they expected.

Even Jesus showed up to try it:


You can read more about it at BikePortland.org:


And see some photos here:


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  1. Jason Griffith

    Awesome opportunity, Dan! Great to hear that you’re getting the word around in person – I think that is a key part of showing people how phenomenal the SBU is!

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