So Easy Even Little Girls Can Ride It

Okay, little girls that have been riding unicycles for years can learn it in a few minutes.

David Martschinske and I were invited to bring some SBUs to the Unicycling Club at Pleasant Valley Middle School last Wednesday.  We brought 3 SBUs not knowing if the kids would be daring enough to give them a go.  But immediately we were literally being circled by two girls on unicycles and I knew they would do great.

After I breifly explained how the SBU worked, demonstrated it and answered questions, the teacher told all the kids to start practicing.  There was an instant swarm of about 30 little kids on unicycles; it was pretty cool (and kind of scary).


David and I helped three of the brave kids learn to ride the SBU, they did great.  In about ten minutes there were three kids on SBUs amongst the swarm in the gymnasium.  There were even kids on 5ft tall giraffe unicycles.  David and I had a blast and look forward to visiting them again.

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  1. Susan Galaviz

    Hi There,

    My daughter, Sophia is on Paul White’s Pleasant Valley Unicycle Team and she thoroughly enjoyed your visit to their school. I am the “mom” that came up to you asking if you’d possibly consider being apart of the half-time entertainment at one of the Blazer games next season. I will contact you when they tell me which game we will be in and see if you’re available. Would you be interested in this? My name is Susan Galaviz. Thanks again for coming to our school. I’ll try and send you a picture of our PV’s Unicycle Team. Take care and contratulations on inventing such a cool unicycle! We wish you great success with it!

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