Could Self-Balancing Unicycle be Wave of the Future?

KGW NewsChannel 8 in Portland Oregon ran a story on us.  Check out the nerd herd here:


Here comes the wave. 😉

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4 Responses to Could Self-Balancing Unicycle be Wave of the Future?

  1. T. Mahardhika

    To Mr. Daniel.

    I would like to add some ideas for upgrading the SBU. Perhaps you could add a Solar Cell System that small enough to build with this bike. so when the sun is shine, it could move with the energy from the solar cell, and save the battery for night ride.

    Sincerely Yours.

  2. The video has been moved into the television station archives:

    Still a good bit of positive news reporting.

    Readers and especially owners are encouraged to contribute to the new Yahoo group for this vehicle:

    Disclaimer: the Yahoo group is not officially sponsored or supported by Focus Designs.

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