The SBU will be on Mythbusters – CONFIRMED!

We are pumped!  The SBU will show up in an episode of Mythbusters called “Hang in there” which should air in the next few weeks.  It will also show up in a future episode called “Bullets Dropped vs. Fired” which should hit the air in about 3-4 months.  Viewing party anyone?

Adam Savage (Mythbusters host) SBUing

Go Adam, go Adam, it’s your birthday, it’s your birthday, the SBU, the SBU, on Mythbusters, on Mythbusters!

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2 Responses to The SBU will be on Mythbusters – CONFIRMED!

  1. LongTimeUni-er

    Ok, all day today Mythbusters has been on and the Bullet Dropped vs Shot show has totally got me addicted to the SBU… so very sweet. I currently have a row of unicycles in my garage from mini 2 footers to an 8 footer, and THIS will be my next one!!

  2. hello is possibal in ITALY? i want! Please no problem i peied also e transport!
    Conctat me Tank You

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