SBU Myth Busted! No, Plausible!

On the set of Mythbusters riding SBUs with Adam Savage and the Mythbusters crew – life is good! Daniel (SBU inventor) presented SBU #2 to Adam Savage (host of Mythbusters) on set at an undisclosed location. We are totally going to use Adam for all of our product testing, if he can’t break it, it won’t break. This SBU trip was totally wizard! We would give more details, but we are sworn to Mythbusters secrecy until the episode airs.
Buster and SBUs do not mix
Daniel and Adam Savage (Mythbusters host) and SBU 2
Adam Savage (Mythbusters host) SBUing
Adam Savage (Mythbusters host) stealing the SBU

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2 Responses to SBU Myth Busted! No, Plausible!


    Ok i’m inpressed I have been ridding unicycles for at least 35 years . how long has this been on the market ?
    now for the tough question? why not a 24 ‘wheel ?
    if im’e going to in vest 1400 greenbacks I want a 24’ wheel . please tell me the SBU 3 w/ 24 ‘ wheel is on the desine table . did adam savage ask the same ??

    yours trueley Bill B

    • Thanks Bill,

      We released the newer version 2.0 in October of 2010. The 20″ wheel is actually a perfect trade-off of speed and torque. You can travel about 10 or 12 mph. with this wheel and can climb most hills (about a 20% grade).

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