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This past week, Focus Designs had the pleasure of traveling to San Francisco to connect with customers, develop our retailer network, and ride the SBU in an urban environment. Needless to say, we accomplished every one of those goals. Our … Read More >

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Honda's U3-X Versus the SBU

You’ve probably seen Honda’s new U3-X “segway unicycle” all over the internet and compared it to the SBU…well here is my take on it: The U3-X is cool, I like it a lot and wouldn’t mind having one (for free, Honda … Read More >

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SBU at Interbike

Last week was a big week for us…we drove down to Vegas for the interbike expo, I was featured in the Columbian newspaper, Honda released their U3-X “unicycle” design and it appears that the SBU will actually be in the … Read More >

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Unicycle Noobs

We spent the evening at the Unicycle Noobs event at the Portland waterfront Friday Night.  It’s an event put on by a Portland unicycle group call the Unicycle Bastards to teach noobies how to unicycle.  I showed up with 3 … Read More >

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KGW NewsChannel 8 in Portland Oregon ran a story on us.  Check out the nerd herd here: http://www.kgw.com/archive/59549397.html Here comes the wave. 😉


The Oregonian just ran an article about us. Read it here: Vancouver engineer invents self-balancing unicycle by Allan Brettman  Monday May 25, 2009, 6:05 PM Fredrick D. Joe/The Oregonian – Daniel Wood, co-founder of Focus Designs and inventor of the … Read More >

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The Columbian did an article about us.  Read it here: Bits ‘n’ Pieces: Camas man hops a ride to “MythBusters” Sunday, May 17 | 5:49 p.m. Top from left: “MythBusters” co-host Jamie Hyneman and Bobby Wood. Bottom from left: “MythBusters” co-host … Read More >

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We are pumped!  The SBU will show up in an episode of Mythbusters called “Hang in there” which should air in the next few weeks.  It will also show up in a future episode called “Bullets Dropped vs. Fired” which … Read More >


SBU Myth Busted! No, Plausible!

On the set of Mythbusters riding SBUs with Adam Savage and the Mythbusters crew – life is good! Daniel (SBU inventor) presented SBU #2 to Adam Savage (host of Mythbusters) on set at an undisclosed location. We are totally going … Read More >


SBU #2 is very special, the uber-SBU, for someone very special… stay tuned, this is not a myth. We’ve already said too much.

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