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I was contacted last week by a Discovery Channel production company interested in this self-balancing unicycle they’ve been hearing about.  They happen to be doing a story on the incredible achievements of Kris Holm and wanted to include what the … Read More >

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We are pumped!  The SBU will show up in an episode of Mythbusters called “Hang in there” which should air in the next few weeks.  It will also show up in a future episode called “Bullets Dropped vs. Fired” which … Read More >

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SBU Myth Busted! No, Plausible!

On the set of Mythbusters riding SBUs with Adam Savage and the Mythbusters crew – life is good! Daniel (SBU inventor) presented SBU #2 to Adam Savage (host of Mythbusters) on set at an undisclosed location. We are totally going … Read More >

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