Left Coast Tour Day 2 – Sacramento and Folsom, CA

When we pulled up to the Capitol building in Sacramento a large crowd had already gathered for us and we thought it was really cool that they were expecting us there.  The crowd started cheering after the crowd leader would shout something into the megaphone. They had signs and banners and people even had matching t-shirts.  Come to think of it, they may have been there protesting and not to see the SBU.

People picked up the SBU rather quickly and we loved watching them learn it in under 3 minutes.  It was especially awesome, however, to run into people that already knew who we were.

In preparation for the Woz Cup 2011 we met up with a whole other h3rd – a Segway n3rd h3rd. Rob Ross and the great people of the Folsom Breakout Segway Polo Club let Daniel and I rock out on some loaner Segways while playing Segway Polo with them. Rob and a few folks took us out for Mexican and we discussed the possibility of Focus Designs refereeing this year’s Segway Polo Cup 2011 (AKA: The Woz Cup).  Rob also told us that we’re going to actually meet The Woz (Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple) who sounds like a pretty laid back dude.  I’ve been told he likes pranks so I know I’m gunna try to greet Steve with a great DMart classic.

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3 Responses to Left Coast Tour Day 2 – Sacramento and Folsom, CA

  1. Braden Wagstaff

    I think SBU’s are awesome. Is there any way to get them cheaper?! Im 11 years old and I’m a unicycle adict. I dont have the money.

  2. Rob Ross

    Hey Guys!

    Great to have you come by and show off your amazing SBU! I am sure everyone is planning their purchases already!

    We are all very excited to see you this June 16th – 19th back in Folsom for the World Cup of Segway Polo (Woz Challenge Cup). I am sure anyone who missed your Sacramento date will be happy to know they can find you back in our neck of the woods in June to be able to try out the SBU again (and watch some great polo on Segways!)

    Everyone is already talking about how good you guys were at polo and their asking which teams you want to be on. Ha Ha You guys were great and we all had a great time.

    I will post a copy of the video and a link to your tour on our website http://www.wozcup2011.com too.

    Take care guys we will see you in June!

    Rob Ross

  3. Randy Gwinn

    Thanks again! I had a great time riding the SBU and I am now discussing with my wife if we can budget for one this Christmas!!!

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