SBU Left Coast Tour

Update as of 2/16/2011:

♫ “From Oakland to Sacktown, The Bay Area and back down, Cali is where they put they mack down, Give me love… California Love!””♫

No, Focus Designs hasn’t turned gangsta’ (we’re a “n3rd h3rd” not a “gang”). We’re just planning our SBU Left Coast Tour dates. The SBU was born to be wild, and keeping it cooped up at the Focus Design’s HQ just seemed cruel and against everything we stand for. We’re doing the right thing and letting the caged bird loose.  You know what they say, “if you love it let it go”. We’re doing just that, and wer’e letting it “go” to you (for a test drive) – Hence, the SBU Left Coast Tour.

What is the Left Coast Tour?
Our plans include stops throughout Oregon and California to bike shops as well as a few other places to let you guys give the SBU a test spin. Aside from special stops at University of Oregon (go Ducks!), Stanford, Google, and Pixar, here’s where we plan to ride (so far) and hopefully meet a lot of you guys:

Feb 21st – Early March 2011

Feb 21st  – Eugene, OR (University of Oregon)
Feb 22nd – Sacramento, CA
Feb 23rd, 24th – San Francisco, CA (Pixar, Google, Stanford)
Feb 25th – Santa Cruz, CA
Feb 26th – Los Angeles, CA
Feb 27th – Huntington Beach, CA

Are you a SBU user?
Stay in touch (to this page) as we update it with specific bike shops, locations, and times where you can meet us.

Are you a bike shop (or a cool company) interested in hosting us for product demonstrations?
If you are interested in checking out the SBU as something you’d like to sell in your store then shoot an email to: and we can add your location on our tour.

Media to hang in your bike shop, website, or water cooler.

8.5″ x 11″ Posters

8.5" x 11" Poster

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13 Responses to SBU Left Coast Tour

  1. Any chance you guys will be coming up to Seattle anytime soon? I’d love to try out the SBU! It looks like so much fun, and a great idea for green urban living, which is huge here. 🙂 Mostly I just think it looks like fun though, and way less tiring than walking or biking. 🙂

  2. Been pining for one of these since I first saw V1. Finally put in my order today! Is the current lead time still 4 weeks?

    When do we get to see the full length video of Dan’s “mishap” that plays in the beginning of these N3RD H3RD videos? 😉

  3. Mike Roberts

    The SBU is attracting crowds and turning heads everywhere! Thanks Danial and David for hosting a demo at MerchSource. We had a fun afternoon and several people did really great testing out the SBU. 🙂 Welcome to SoCal N3rd H3rd!!!

  4. Got to try the SBU today (after surprising the guys by riding past them on my 45″ unicycle. It was a chance meeting in downtown Sacramento, me coming back from a protest at the Capitol! The SBU 2.0 is smooooth and very cool to ride. Even for a unicyclist there is still something to learn, and it took me a few tries to make a complete 180 degree turn.

  5. Randy Gwinn

    It was great randomly running into you on K Street Mall in Sacramento today! Had a GREAT time riding the SBU, only wish I could have spent a little more time on it! Look forward to following your progress, great idea I wish you the best in your uni-ventures! N3RD H3RD ROX!

  6. Jason

    Looks pretty awesome. keep up on the status updates. I wanna see how things are going.

  7. adi khan

    how much itx price???

  8. Brent Miller

    Will you ever be coming to the west coast?

    Rather mid-west, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania region.

    The other question i have to ask, is there any future chance of a lowering price. $1500 is a lot of money to lay down on something you want, but 500-750 is a bit of money out of pocket.

    lastly, it seems as though someone has seen fit to copy you, but not to worry, i like yours better

    they don’t have a seat

    • Thanks for checking us out, Brent! There may be a tour shortly for the “right coast” or somewhere in your neck of the woods. The price will not be adjusting. Yes it is not cheap, but neither is the build quality or design. Trust me, it’s worth every penny.

      As far as inventist, that is actually something we co-developed with them. It is very similar balancing technology.

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